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News: September 21, 2010 - Eve Version 1.42 has now been released.

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What is Eve?

Eve is a programming system that allows you to write applications, using Java, which will run the same on desktop systems, on mobile systems, and even in a Web browser as an Applet.

The Most Portable VM Available
There are Eve VMs available (for free) for:

o   Microsoft PocketPC and SmartPhone

-     PocketPC/Smartphone 2003 SE

-     Windows Mobile 5

-     Windows Mobile 6

o   Windows Desktop (XP,Vista,7)

o   Any Java 2 Runtime Environment

o   Linux Desktop

o   Nokia Internet Tablet N800, N810, N900

The VM source code is freely available and can be compiled for other targets.

Advanced Mobile Capabilities
Eve is a fast starting, memory efficient mobile and desktop VM. Advanced mobile specific features include:

o   Advanced Desktop-to-Device Communication API.

o   Remote Application Server and Loader.

o   Device Aware User Interface.

o   Landscape display mode on all platforms.

o   Advanced GUI library.

o   Native Method Interface for accessing custom and device specific APIs.

Powerful and Free Development Kit
The Eve SDK is free to download and use. It contains everything needed to develop and deploy applications, including a utility to create a self-contained application installer.

The SDK comes with an EveMaker developer tool which allows you to:

o   Package your applications into .eve files for execution on any Eve VM.

o   Package your applications into .jar files for execution by any Java 2 Runtime Environment.

o   Package your applications as an Applet (with no necessary code changes) to run within a Java enabled Web Browser.

o   Package your applications as native Windows (both desktop and mobile) and Linux executable files (you can even specify a custom icon for Windows executables).

Included in the SDK is a beginnerís Eve Programmers Guide to make starting Eve programming easy. For more details on the Eve VM and the SDK and a look at the Programming Guide, please go to this page.

License and Terms and Conditions
Please read this document for clear information on the terms and conditions on the use and distribution of the Eve VM for users and developers.

Screen Shots

Here is the Eve VM running on a SmartPhone in Launcher mode.


Here is the File Browser on a SmartPhone.


And the File Browser on a PocketPC.


Demos & Samples

A Jigsaw Puzzle sample can be run online. You can run both the standard Desktop Format Version or the PocketPC Format Version.

The EveMaker application comes with the Eve SDK. You can run it as an Applet here. You can create sample .eve files in a virtual file system (your actual file system cannot be accessed by the Applet) although you will not be able to run it or create executable targets.


Here is Eve running on a Windows Desktop. Eve runs and looks exactly the same on a Linux desktop.



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